Only later

Only later So, when training to put a piramidka external rough action which the child seizes, consists in trying on rings to each other earlier, than to start to put on them a core.

Only later the child can pass to selection of the necessary rings approximately.

When training to drawin a moldin designing and other types of productive activity, and also at performance of many educational tasks of the child learn to use samples of forms, flowers, the various measures allowing by means of external actions overlayin applyings to find out properties of subjects.

§ Age stages and periodization of mental development Stable periods and crises.

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Imposing When we are not imposed to the child with the rough attention when we do not climb with uninvited councils, creativity of thinking of the kid, his ability to creativity develops.

Imposing this or that game, interfering and showin it is necessary how to play and as it is not necessary, we, in essence, impose to the child the way of action.

One, well, two.

And them which he can think up, nonstandard tens.

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

TESTon thinking creativity When your child is absolutely free and at it good this simple test.

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Usually block

Usually block Typical places of localization on a baby face wings of a nose, a cheek, a forehead.

also happen on a body.

Usually block vyvodny channels of sebaceous glands.

Nurseries , it is similar , also cause blockade of sebaceous glands, but can sometimes strike and hair follicles.

Children can comb place nails a bigger congestion .


Unfortunately, at a little than it is possible to help.

Time is the best doctor.

In some weeks skin of the kid will be cleared.

Before accurately wipe the struck areas warm water with children's soap.

Do not allow the kid to comb area of vysypaniye, it can lead to an inflammation.

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From the middle

From the middle From the middle of the XIX centuryin school books for reading in elementary grades such as Native speechsurely the selection of the reproductions representing pictures was locatednative nature Hot day in the steppe, In the field, In the wood, On Volgaat prerevolutionary textbooks also there were also images ~ Russian people Men, The peasant with the child, Merchant, the Drill ~varnishes, Landowner, Wanderers, Beggars, Country children, etcThese illustrations reflected most characteristics of Russianlandscape which should be stamped on the memory the child.

For a mno~zaklyucheniyegy children it there were first pictures which a number of the visual beganthe images realized by children as images native.

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Take a big beach

Take a big beach Remember that a toy which you offerto the child, it should not be very small the child can swallow it.

Successfulthe small rag doll can be a toy for this age.

Encourage impellent activity of the child Help the kid to develop physically.

Take a big beach ball.

Inflate it.

Put the child a tummy on a ball.

Constantly hold and do not release the kid.

Smooth movements roll a ball here and there, forward and back.

Sing a son rolling the kid on a ball, or include music.

Begin slowly and gradually increase speed of movement of a ball.

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